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The Temple of Luxor 3

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Hello world!

To the world,

This blog is all about discovery, journey and revelation! I want you to view these photographs and feel as though you are right there in the middle of these temples transported back in time to a period when the knowledge that built the surviving wonder of the world were being invented and created here. The city of Luxor is truly a marvellous place to be in. The sheer scale, size and ambience of the place may entice people to feel the aura of genius that originated much of the world’s arts and sciences. The information contained within these temples offered much to the development of the contemporary world and it is recommended that if you have an opportunity to go and experience the journey for yourself, please do! The photographs unveiled in this blog will serve as a guide and will map out a tour of Luxor, previously known as the city of Thebes. The emphasis is on the temples of Luxor and Karnak located at the heart of this extraordinary city. I hope to unravel the mysterious and esoteric angles that are obscured from the public eye. In short, this blog is for you to envision what I saw and captured with my faithful Nikon D3100 camera. I extend my visualisation of the first location of higher education anywhere in the world to you!

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