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The Corpus Hermeticum

The Corpus Hermeticum was written by Kemetic scholars and later appropriated and copied by the Greeks. It is a crucial link between Kemet and Greece. Subsequently, the Roman Empire also made specific use of the knowledge and information contained therein so as to develop and flourish their own civilisation. In addition, the Renaissance period in Europe and all the revelations that it produced were a direct result of the rediscovery of the Corpus Hermeticum. Without this work it would be virtually incomprehensible as to what height of technological, philosophical, moral, and spiritual innovation mankind would be in at the moment. This vast and in depth piece of work is the first point of reference for knowledge outside of Kemet, present day Egypt, of African wisdom, culture and religion. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that all of those interested in the historical progression and origin of European civilisation, as well as African civilisation, should attain access to this work and read it for themselves. It connects to and illustrates the symbiotic relationship that Europe had and still has with Africa.

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